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“Metafrax Group” has finished registration under REACH in Turkey and the United Kingdom

“Metafrax Group” has finished registration under REACH  in Turkey and the United Kingdom

“Metafrax Group” has signed the agreements on appointment of its only representatives in Turkey and the United Kingdom. The legal procedure will finalize registration of the group products in these counties under REACH regulation, which is foreseen for the chemical companies, which are established outside of the European Union.

“Metafrax Group” products will be registered in KKDIK (Turkish REACH) and UK REACH according to requirements of each state. Registration via the only representatives is required in order to be able to sell the products processed in these two countries further both inside the states and in the EU.

Turkish law requires special order of the products registration, which are produced or sold on the Turkish market on their own, as well as mixes with other primary products. Subject to registration in Turkish REACH also is a chemical raw material, which is planned to be sold on the Turkish market in amount from one ton per year and more.

In the United Kingdom all importers and processers shall provide a notification on import of raw material — Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN).


REACH regulation in the European Union is valid from 2007. Its purposes are provision of public health and environment protection, as well as uncontrolled distribution of chemical substances and mixes, increase of competitive ability for the chemical companies and innovations promotion. The regulation is also dedicated to promote alternative estimation methods for chemical substances hazard level.