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The best drivers of "MetaTransStroy" were awarded with commendations

The best drivers of

This year, the award winners were the drivers of truck-and-trailer units: Vasily Slesarev, Oleg Volkov, Yuri Prokofiev, Rishat Khairullin, Oleg Churakov; the bus drivers: Andrey Avdonichev, Igor Kornilov, Dmitry Obukhov, Anatoly Rodygin, Kirill Utyupin; and the loader driver, Sergey Lalakin.

- Congratulations to the staff of "MetaTransStroy", employees of the transport department, the transport and administration workshop, all drivers of the "Metafrax Group" companies on their professional holiday - the Day of the Motor Transport Worker! We thank the teams of transport workers who, with their clear, uninterrupted and prompt activities, make a considerable contribution to the stable production work of "Metafrax Group". We express sincere gratitude and recognition to the drivers of buses, passenger cars, trucks and specialized vehicles, repair workers and dispatchers, engineers, managers, everyone who works conscientiously, fulfilling their professional duty, - Armen Garslyan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Metafrax Chemicals" JSC, and Vladimir Daut, the General Director of the company, noted in their address to the employees.

The "MetaTransStroy" enterprise, which is a part of "Metafrax Group", transports passengers, bulk liquid and bulk cargo, provides road construction equipment to customers. Over the past 4 years, the volume of cargo transportation has been increased from 93 to 170 thousand tons per year. Every month, the company's drivers deliver methanol, formalin and resins of various grades to different parts of Russia. This year, the company purchased a trailer for the transportation of sodium formate.

- The course of our development policy is maintained. Despite all the crisis situations, we are systematically following the path of upgrading the equipment to a modern and more efficient option, - said Arkady Larin, the Deputy General Director for Transport of "MetaTransStroy". – This year, three new natural gas-fueled haul trucks for the transportation of resins were added to our fleet.

In recent years, the company's management has carried out systematic work to create comfortable working conditions for the employees. Communication networks have been replaced in the parking boxes, own gas boilers have been installed, external repairs of buildings have been carried out, new floors have also been installed inside, changing rooms with lockers as well as new showers have been installed. For heavy-duty transport, a new car wash and an automated gas station were installed within the territory. Next year, it is planned to continue the internal repair of garage boxes and begin landscaping.

Passenger transportation is another operation area of "MetaTransStroy". There are 17 buses in the fleet. They are used to transport the employees of "Metafrax Chemicals". The company also fulfills requests for the transportation of children, bringing them to health improvement camps in the summer months, and in winter it transports tourists from the Ugleuralskaya station to the all-season "Gubakha" resort. Next year, it is planned to replace two PAZ buses and purchase new shuttle buses.

- As of today, our car fleet has been renewed and organized by 80%. We are fully provided with equipment for construction and repair works at the site of "Metafrax Chemicals". This year, we purchased a new functional crane with an arm of 42 meters and a loader, we plan to replace two mixers next year, - stated Arkady Larin.