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The "Metafrax Group" brand is three years old!


In September 2018, "Metafrax Group" announced the start of rebranding. "Metafrax", together with the branding agency Electric Brand Consultants, developed a strategy and complete brand architecture. A new parent brand was created, combining all the sub-brands located in Russia, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

A single brand platform and visual language united all business units of the company. As of today, the developed concept allows the Group to competently position itself in the target markets.

The issue of rebranding was approached with enthusiasm, understanding and attention to all the nuances of the project. It is important that not only the main working group, but also the top management and many employees of the company took part in the process. The members of the company's Board of Directors personally participated in the selection of the brand concept and color.

In October 2019, "Metafrax Group" announced the beginning of the implementation of the results of this comprehensive work.

As a result, today the company uses a unique and distinctive logo of the "Metafrax Group" brand in combination with a unique purple color, its own font families made specifically for the company, and a flexibly changing pattern. These are the distinctive basic elements of the visual identity of the "Metafrax Group" brand.

The philosophy of "Metafrax Group" is to form the future ecological, social and business environment through responsible development of the chemical industry. The mission is to constantly develop and create a favourable ecosystem around yourself for the future generation. The fundamental values are innovation, responsibility and sustainability.

"Such positioning really reflects the essence and features of the group's activities. The values were not chosen by chance: innovation is associated with leadership in technology in Russia and a strong center for scientific research and formulations. Responsibility indicates our approach to business strategy in general, systemic social activity and personnel policy as well as benefactor projects. Sustainability means our flexible and balanced production policy", - explained Armen Garslyan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Metafrax Chemicals".

Brand positioning is reflected in the visual language under the name "Living System". The Company's production and business processes are a continuous system of interconnections. With the introduction of new elements in the chain, the Group's architecture develops like living matter, supporting the ecological, social and business environment.

The Central element of the sign is a point as a symbol of the beginning and balance. It forms a circle that represents unity and integrity, and the connections between points reflect the balance of stability and movement.

The main color of the corporate identity is noble purple. It harmoniously combines stability and agility, symbolizing inner concentration and the transformation of states. Shades of green and blue as well as basic black and shades of gray were selected as additional colours.

A complementary element is a pattern that represents a strong yet flexible living system. The idea for its creation arose while observing chemical processes and the transformation of molecular compounds.

The brand is being introduced gradually in all media and navigation systems at the sites of companies included in "Metafrax Group": starting with business documentation of various significance, printing, advertising and souvenir products, ending with the design of industrial buildings, plants, rolling stock, vehicles, containers for storage and packaging of products, uniforms.

Each of the media has elements of corporate identity or is fully executed in corporate identity.

As of today, the main major visual elements of the brand have been updated – new signs have been installed at the management offices of "Metafrax Chemicals", "Metadynea" and "Karbolit". Navigation systems and interiors in the offices of the group's companies have been updated, a new standard of working uniforms has been introduced at production facilities, the company's products are delivered in updated branded packaging, and corporate transport has unique distinctive brand elements.

"The introduction of the brand continues. As of today, one of the important stages of incorporation is being implemented – new plants and buildings at the production sites are being built in accordance with the brand. Like any living system, the "Metafrax Group" brand continues to develop and expand!", - said Maria Konovalova, the Head of Communications at "Metafrax Group".