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In 27 years Metafrax Group has developed from a plant that manufactures a single product into a multifaceted Group of Companies with assets on the Urals and far beyond, where more than 3000 employees across all facilities.

The chemical division of the Group includes Metafrax Chemicals (head plant located at Gubakha in Perm Region), Metadynea, responsible for production of formaldehyde and synthetic resins (Perm Region and Moscow Region in Russia), and Karbolit, a brownfield industrial park (Moscow Region). Trading companies within the Group: Metafrax Trading Russia (Perm, Russia), Metafrax Trading International (Lugano, Switzerland), SamyangMeta (Seoul, South Korea). Also incorporated in the Group are MetaTransStroy, Metafrax Engineering and Technology Center and Metafrax Inform.

>10 companies

as part of the Metafrax Group

>180 employees

are included in the ESG transition

>12 names

of chemical products

>176 million ₽

environmental protection costs

Metafrax Chemicals

Metadynea Metafrax Group

Metafrax Trading Russia

Metafrax Trading International

Karbolit Metafrax Group

MetaTransStroy Metafrax Group

Metafrax Engineering and Technology Centre

Metafrax Inform