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Metafrax Group
foundation of tomorrow
Mission Brand Film

Ralph Theuer has handed over the position of Managing Director of Metadynea Austria GmbH to Michael Kunz

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> 50 countries

Metafrax Group geography of export supplies of methanol and its derivatives


Metadynea increased resins production quantity in Gubakha

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48.9 billion ₽

Total revenue of Metafrax Group in 2020 (IFRS)


Metafrax Group studies trends in the global fertilizer market

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>50 %

Return on sales on international market


“Metafrax Group” provides conditions for engagement of the qualified doctors to the Kizel coal field towns

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114.9 billion ₽

Total assets of Metafrax Group

(in accordance with IFRS)


"Metafrax Group" volunteers donated blood for the victims at the Perm University

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