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Ideology & philosophy

Methanol plays an increasingly important role in the chemical industry worldwide. Metafrax Group implements new ways of utilizing methanol derivatives. This provides for an increase in the quality of the product, consumed by people every day, and lower the impact the industry has on the environment.

Metafrax Group is constantly working on improving the manufacturing process and expanding the range of products. By developing breakthrough product formulae and improving the provision of services, the Group always remains at the forefront of the industry, attaining the status of a technology leader.

By entering this new age of development, Metafrax Group takes on additional responsibilities to society and the world. The Company significance has far exceeded a simple manufacturing line, for it has become a reliable partner in the development of territories and an important participant in people’s lives.

It now has a new role to play — Metafrax Group is to become the guardian, entrusted with developing and maintaining the environmental, social and business spheres at the local, regional and global levels.


To shape up the future ecological, social and business environment through responsible approach to the chemical industry development


To maintain the sustainable development and to create favorable ecosystem for the generations to come



For us, being a leader means being an innovator, finding new opportunities for the development of our business and our surroundings. We always follow our own path, but are willing to be an example for others.


In our strives to improve the effectiveness of business processes, we always take a responsible approach to improving and modernizing equipment, and are able to meticulously assess the impact our chosen strategy will have on the environment within and without


By focusing on business sustainability, we are able to pursue a flexible and balanced policy when it comes to manufacturing and distributing our products