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Sponsorship & charity

From the moment the company was established, we have been an active charity partner

First and foremost, we invest into the future, into our children. General education and musical schools, colleges, orphanages—all of these receive support from Metafrax Group. In 2012, as part of the Metafrax for Children charity project, modern playgrounds were constructed for all kindergartens and primary schools in Gubakha. In 2016, financial support was provided to the Gubakha City Administration to participate in the project titled Gubakha, Cultural Center of Perm Region. Year after year, on every Children’s Day and New Year’s Eve, gifts are sent out to pre-school educational institutions. Thanks to the co-funding program, we are able to raise funds three times the amount of investments made from special-purpose funds of the Group.

We also try to remember the past, as we provide support to NGOs for disabled people and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the Chernobyl disaster, the war in Afghanistan. We support the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers and veteran miners of the former KCB as well.

We regularly carry out joint projects with federal and regional charity funds and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, the Good Deeds, Cubed fund has been organized to assist people who find themselves in a difficult situation.