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Metafrax and Bereginya Fund Continue Implementation of Career Guidance Project

Metafrax and Bereginya Fund Continue Implementation of Career Guidance Project

11 teenagers who recovered from oncology diseases are looking for their place in the world within "I Create the Future" project. They are choosing their professional path by dipping their toes into different activities with support from tutors. PJSC Metafrax Chemicals implements the career guidance project with Bereginya charity fund.

The scopes where the children are venturing are different: from creation of vivid human anatomy materials and volunteering in animal shelters to running events, making hand-made accessories, and 3D models of human heart.

The project has been started in the beginning of February. During nine weeks, the participants will be accompanied by professional tutors who are going to help children to choose their path in science, business, volunteering, arts, etc. Children who went through or are going through recovery from hemato-oncological diseases require a special approach in provision of information and communication, the tutors also consider all individual traits of the project participants.

Mariya Konovalova, Head of Communications at Metafrax Group:

- For the children who went through recovery from oncology diseases, "I Create the Future" project is not only a chance to choose their future career, but also a part of adaptation for the society, opportunity to enter the community, and to have equal career opportunities.

"I Create the Future" project is not limited by career guidance for the participants, it ensures a real opportunity for each teenager to create a functional business diagram and to work-through the idea at all phases, including target audience analysis, building-up a marketing strategy, etc.

Natalya Mizyova, Tutor of "I Create the Future" project, noted: despite the variety of interests, many teenagers worry about the environmental problems and propose their own solutions to solve them.

Golsina, project participant:

- Once I joined the project, I took the environment subject for me at once. I have been thinking about what contribution into the environmental prosperity of the world I could make for a long time. During a class with my tutor, I shared my thoughts, and understanding of the exact nature of my project and how it will work has come to me almost immediately. We decided to create videos where I'm going to tell how to recycle trash properly and to give it the second life. Thus, I want to attract people's attention to the environmental issues.

Two participating girls have already finished the consulting cycle with tutor and defended their business and art projects. One of them set up a hand made accessories store, another one chose an art of dance, her product is a solo choreography.

Intermediate results that have been achieved will be presented by the project participants during "Business Start" conference, where they are going to show their projects and meet with professionals of the scopes that they chose to study. The experts will answer the children's questions and share their experience with them. The project will be finished in autumn of 2022 with presentation of each participant's achievements.

The project is implemented with support of Seyfeddin Rustamov, beneficiary owner of PJSC Metafrax Chemicals.