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Sustainable development: exchange of experience and new practices

Sustainable development: exchange of experience and new practices

Metafrax Chemicals has signed a cooperation agreement with the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

The purpose of the joint work is to spread the best business practices, promote the principles of sustainable development and popularize the ESG agenda in Perm region and other regions of the country. The agreement is concluded for five years and pursues non-commercial purposes.

The document foresees implementation of a number of awareness-raising and educational activities. Among the proposed areas of cooperation are the development of educational programs, joint round tables, discussions, lectures and conferences, including student research, organization of educational, industrial and postgraduate practice for RANEPA students at Metafrax Chemicals and CCCI, as well as other events.

"We have significant experience in implementing the sustainable development strategy and ESG practices", said Simon Vikhnin, Head of the working group on sustainable development, Director of Legal Affairs at Metafrax Chemicals JSC. "Sharing this experience and at the same time mutually beneficial exchange of information in the business and university environment is the next logical step that will allow to find new like-minded people and develop relevant solutions and projects in the field of sustainable development”.

The first joint project under the Agreement was holding a series of workshops on sustainable business development at the CCCI site. The moderator was Yulia Ershova, an expert on sustainable development issues at Metafrax Chemicals JSC. The first event was held in a mixed format (in person and online) on February 7, 2024. In the roundtable discussion "Sustainable development of the company. Creating a sustainable brand" participated representatives of 25 companies from Perm and other Russian cities.

The master class examined the definition of sustainable development and its strategic importance for companies, discussed the principles of the triple niche (environmental sustainability, social justice and economic prosperity) and their role in creating a sustainable business. The speaker at the event was an expert on sustainable development, head of the ESG Office Club and the Russian certification system for offices and office buildings of the SDS "Green Office. Ecogreenoffice", EGBS rating systems for all types of buildings Ekaterina Kuznetsova.

The next master classes are scheduled for February 21 and March 13, 2024. Follow the announcements of events of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the link Questions about participation in the event can be asked to the specialists of the Department of Customer Relations and members of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry by phone 8 (342) 235-78-48 or by e-mail