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The winners of the "Person of the Year" award were named at "Metafrax"

The winners of the

The award ceremony was traditionally held at the celebration dedicated to the Chemist's Day. The gala evening was held on May 27th in Gubakha community center "Energetik".

The employees of "Metafrax Chemicals" PJSC were congratulated on their professional holiday by Armen Garslyan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, and Vladimir Daut, the General Director.

- Chemist's Day is a family holiday for many of our employees, more than one generation of Gubakha workers are employed at the enterprise, and we are very proud of that fact. "Metafrax Chemicals" is the core of our group of companies. Traditions have been created here, there is a continuity of generations. And it is important not only for veterans to pass on their experience, knowledge, and pride in the company to the young people, but it is also important for the company to transmit these values to all companies of the Group, - Armen Garslyan highlighted in his speech.

Vladimir Daut noted that next year will be an anniversary for the company – "Metafrax" will celebrate its 30th anniversary as a joint-stock company.

The festive evening was continued by employees' award ceremony. The title of "Honorary Chemist" was awarded to Andrey Knyazev, a Maintenance fitter at the repair workshop, and Antonina Mudraya, the Head of the methanol production maintenance laboratory. The high award was presented to them by Armen Garslyan.

Certificates of Commendation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation were awarded to Vladimir Baum, the Leading engineer of the Chief power engineer department, and Yuri Shishkin, the Chief instrumentation specialist of methanol production. The Recognition letters from the Governor of the Perm Region were awarded to Dmitry Dokukin, the Shift leader of the steam and gas plant, Roman Pershin, the Deputy Head of methanol production, Marina Tarasova, the Head of the laboratory for maintenance of the formalin and PPW plant, Aleksandr Dolgov, the Deputy head of the power supply plant, Denis Arkhipov, the Deputy head of the ammonia plant, Irina Sidorova, the Deputy head of the IM, and Natalia Barysheva, the Economist of the finance department.

The Head of the Board of Directors presented Certificates of Commendation of the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Perm Region to Andrey Kostrov, the Methanol production operator, Igor Sukhina, the Maintenance fitter at the PRTW, Ivan Kataev, an Electrical fitter, Rimma Galimova, the Head of the sanitary laboratory, Svetlana Lizunova, the Head of the General Accounting Sector, Dmitry Belkevich, an APCS engineer, Natalia Marinyuk, a Repair workshop engineer, Larisa Kravchenko, a Specialist at the secretariat service, and Armen Tsarukyan, the Deputy General Director for Corporate Affairs of "Metafrax Trading" LLC .

This year, the company's Book of Honor includes the names of Rostislav Melnikov, the operator of the pentaerythritol plant, Larisa Suvorova, the Deputy Chief accountant, and Sergey Babenko, the Vehicle-mounted crane operator of the TSW.

The "The Golden Pool of "Metafrax Chemicals" PJSC" book now contains the names of Sergey Tsvilev, the lathe operator of the repair workshop, Sergey Sitnikov, the Head of the methanol production, Andrey Choba, the machinist of the methanol production, Aleksey Sosnin, the fitter of the automation repairs workshop, Alexander Rogozhnikov, the fitter of the automation repairs workshop, Radik Timershin, the operator of the formalin plant and Aleksandr Ustrugov, the fitter of the PPW. The title "Honorary Veteran of Labor of "Metafrax Chemicals: PJSC" was awarded to Vladimir Borisov, an operator of methanol production, Leonid Borodin, an adviser to the Director of Construction, and Alexey Kuchev, an operator of the formalin plant. Certificates and corporate badges were presented to the colleagues by Vladimir Daut.

The celebration was continued with the award ceremony for main corporate award titled "Person of the Year". This year, 73 employees of the company were nominated for the award in 11 nominations. Together with the presenters Yaroslav Borodin and Valentina Tymoshchuk, the champions of the KVN-2021 top league, the Perm region team, helped the company's managers to present the cherished statuettes.

Timofey Rychkov, an operator of the pentaerythritol and formalin plant, became the winner of the "Person of the Year" award in the nomination "Professional Process specialist of the main production", Natalia Berezina, an operator of the V&V workshop, won in the nomination "Professional Process specialist of auxiliary production". Timur Mullahmetov, a maintenance fitter of the repair workshop, was recognized as the leader of the nomination "An example of skill among repairmen".

The "Person of the Year" statuette in the nomination "An example of skill among electricians" went to Igor Komyshov, an electrical fitter at the PSW. Sergey Ardashev, the fitter of the automation repairs workshop, became the winner in the nomination "An example of skill among the I&A fitters". Rodion Masagutov, a wagon inspector of PRTW, was recognized as a "Professional in his field".

In the "Strong Link" nomination, the winning statuette was received by Vyacheslav Stryapunin, the Head of the department of the ammonia plant. The "Manager of the Year" was Sergey Ishchenko, Deputy Head of the PRTW. Vladimir Boronin, the Chief power engineer of methanol production, was named the best of the best in the most numerous nomination titled "Valuable Employee". The winner in the "Unlimited resource" nomination was Sergey Abdullin, the Electrician of the PSW. Ilya Khasanov, the Shift leader of the pentaerythritol and formalin plant, was named as the winner of the "Hope" nomination.

According to tradition, the anthem of the company was performed by Valentina Tymoshchuk, the host of the festive evening, and the children of the employees of "Metafrax Chemicals". The gala evening ended with creative congratulations from the artists of the "Evgeny Panfilov Ballet" Theater, musician Alexey Ladygin and the finalists of the "Battle of Choirs" show - vocalists of the Mikhail Bublik choir.