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​UralsChemical TechnologicalCollege in honor of the 90th anniversary was awarded with thecommemorative token "The best college in Russia"

​UralsChemical TechnologicalCollege in honor of the 90th anniversary was awarded with thecommemorative token

On October 6, at the Palace of Culture "Energetik" in Gubakha, the Urals Chemical TechnologicalCollegegathered veterans, teachers, employees, students and graduates to celebrate the 90th anniversary. The solemn event was attended by representatives of Metafrax Group, the main industrial partner and the main employer of this College.

The award of the laureate of the National competition "The Best Colleges of the Russian Federation-2023" was presented by the head of the Department of Vocational Education of the Perm Region, Ilya Bocharov to theDirector of the College,Alexey Nazarov.

Viktor Maier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metafrax Chemicals, awarded certificates of honor to Alexey Nazarov, his deputies: Mikhail Voroshilov, Yulia Galimova, Master of Training: Yuri Fedoseev, methodologist: Natalia Myazina, teachers: Lyudmila Parshakova, Natalia Belova, Yakov Molokotin, Vladimir Kuzovlev, Vladimir Shupenik and Svetlana Vaganova.

Metafrax Group and the College have been cooperating for many years. Almost 70% of the Company's employees are graduates of the oldest educational institution in the town of different years.

Students undergo practical training at the enterprise, try their hand at professional skill competitions. Also, the Company's subject-matter specialists participate in the development of training programs, teach part-time, work in attestation commissions, act as experts in demo examinations. All this makes it possible to prepare for the enterprise qualified, competent operators, , instrumentation specialists, welders, mechanic-repairmen, who know the production.

Largely thanks to Metafrax Chemicals, the College became the winner of the federal project "Professionalitet". The chemical cluster of the project, which was opened on September 1, will allow for the personnel change of the district's enterprises.

Armen Garslyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metafrax Group, said:

Metafrax Group is not just an industrial partner of the Urals Chemical Technological College, it is a friend, a mentor, a partner. The "Professionalitet" project, in which the college is intent today, took place thanks to decades of previous work. Everyone participated in this project: mentors who came from production and taught children, these are people who graduated from the Urals Chemical Technological College or previous institutionand came to work for the company. This is a long-term joint project. And as a result, today we are among the best professional educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

Before the celebration, the guests got acquainted with the educational activities of the college: educational stands and professional equipment. The students demonstrated their skills in the alignmentand balancingof the pumping unit, the capabilities of the laboratory equipment used: a pH meter with an automatic stirrer, an automatic titrator, a high-speed centrifuge, etc.

The College also has a 3D printer and a"Ammonia Warehouse" virtual complex- a training simulator that helps to master the work of an operator, get acquainted with the process equipment and teaches how to use personal protective equipment on time and correctly. All this modern equipment and technologies are actively used in the educational process of the College today.