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​An Unforgettable and Useful Experience

​An Unforgettable and Useful Experience

Employees of Metafrax Chemicals participated in the XI All-Russian Working Youth Forum held in Perm.

The forum brought together the best youth of the country from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka: more than 300 active, ambitious and- promising participants. Metafrax was represented by Oksana Verkhovina, Ksenia Mitina and Veronika Yuzhanina. Sergei Abdullin participated as a tutor.

All participants were divided into 20 teams. Each was assigned a mentor, he helped with information and coordination on the forum, supported and was beside all the time.

The program was very busy: every day started at 09:00 and finished at 23:00. Concept sessions, trainings, networking, lectures, four blocks of the educational program, open dialogues, panel discussions, speeches by famous speakers, as well as excursions to large enterprises of Perm were held for the participants.

The forum’s result became the "Manifesto of the opinion leader of working youth", on which development the participants worked together with their mentors for all four days. It synthesized main steps of involving young people in team activities for the development of enterprises, and also combined the existence main points of an individual employee in the ecosystem of the organization and the state.

As our participants admitted, they brought a lot of new acquaintances from the forum, impressions from bright people and a strong team of organizers, knowledge from the most powerful speakers. This high pointing event will remain in the memory and hearts for a long time.

Ksenia Mitina, specialist of the HR department: “For me, this was the first experience of participating in such a large-scale event. We managed to discuss relevant issues with colleagues from other regions and make sure that the social policy and trade union organization of our enterprise are at a high level. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers and partners, volunteers, tutors, my most friendly team and, of course, my company for the opportunity to participate in this event. This is an unforgettable and useful experience!”

Veronika Yuzhanina, engineer of the Production Technology department: “During the development of manifesto’s main provisions, lads and I became very friendly and united. Emotions from the forum are only positive. All the folks are friendly, sociable, well educated, very active. I recommend everyone to attend such a massive event."

And these are the impressions of Sergei Abdullin, section head of the power supply workshop, who participated in the forum as a mentor for one of the teams:

“Most of all, I remembered a meeting with students of grades 7-10 at the Engineering School named after M. Tsirulnikov, where I was one of the speakers. We discussed with the students on the topic "Mission, not a job". I was surprised that the folks were not shy and asked questions, their interest was visible. This forum was made by the participants, and we, the tutors, helped them to unfold, creating a comfortable atmosphere around them.”