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​Reservation mission

​Reservation mission

The Metafrax Chemicals volunteers visited the Basegi Nature Reserve. Every year, the company's employees help employees of the reserve in clearingup the roads and forest firebreaks.

This year, the volunteer mission coincided with the beginning of autumn. Metafrax employees spent the first September weekend in harmony with nature. On Saturday they were engaged in the clearingup the shelterbeltfrom trees, shrubs and dry branches. Many members of the volunteer team arehere not for the first time, they worked harmoniously, amicably and at a good pace. Andneither fatigue nor field conditions could overshadow the impressions received from climbing to the top of the Severny Baseg in the evening.

The Basegi Nature Reserve and Metafrax have a long systematic partnership and a strong friendship. The company's employees have been providing assistance to the reserve in clearingup the firebreak annually since 2018.

- The Basegi Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful places in the Urals Mountains. A place where there is no city bustle and noise, but there is the smell of juniper, the rustle of foliage and endless expanses opening from the top of the Severny Baseg. But in order to preserve this beauty, it is necessary to clear the fire-engine access road on the territory of the reserve, which we have been doing all day. And in the evening, standing on the top, you forget about fatigue and see how the clouds descend on the neighboring peak, hiding it in their arms. Thanks to the company, the organizers for the opportunity to benefit our nature and enjoy its beauty, - shared the participant of the trip, design engineer of the project department, Pavel Troshkov.