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Chemistry and paintings

Chemistry and paintings

Metafrax Chemicals continues implementation of the educational project Chemistry of Art jointly with Perm art gallery. In May was opened yet another kids exhibition dedicated to sculpture.

The project is being implemented from February 2019. It is a series of kids interactive exhibitions, which are dedicated to strong bond of art and science. During 4 events held, young audience was introduced to the original museum exhibits from different time periods, kids learned about processes of an art pieces creation.

The first exhibition – Chemistry of art – was an amazing world of connection between science and art using the example of the painting technique. By visiting the museum, each kid has got an insight of why chemistry is useful for the craftsmen of artistic images.

Inside a painting – is a second event of the project – about a journey to an artist studio and about step of its creative development: from materials and tools till change of the painting canons at different times.

The next exhibition – Ethereal beauty – has helped the little guests to understand the difficult language of images in pieces of Christian art. Specially prepared “keys” and hints contributed to kids deciphering the plots of icon-painting pieces and temple sculpture of XVII – XIX centuries.

The next to the last exhibition – Black and white investigation – has allowed visitors to imagine the process of creation of prints pieces: separate lines, spots and dots, which form the image.

The project is implemented with the support of beneficial owner PJSC Metafrax Chemicals Seyfeddin Rustamov.

Around the sculpture

On 22 May 2022 was opened the 5th exhibition – Around the sculpture. The exhibition about particularities for this type of art, expressive means, materials and ways of their treatment.

Like imagined fantasy space, game shaped interaction and the character – the museum art expert cat – will give to each a lot of experiences, positive emotions and new knowledge.

Exhibition visitors shall expect the true art pieces and tactile exhibits. The exhibition includes the sculpture of XVIII – XXI centuries from collections of Perm gallery. Among them the pieces of the significant craftsman of XIX century Petr Klodt (the author of bronze horses sculpture groups with wainers on the Anichkov bridge in Saint-Petersburg), famous sculptors of XX century Lina Po, Olga and Nikolay Chromov, Rudolf Vedeneev, excellent representatives of the Ural stone cutting school Anatoliy Ovchinnikov and Stepan Krivoschekov, ceramic artist Natalya Korchemkina.