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​Confirmed High Level

​Confirmed High Level

As per results of 2022, for the second time Metafrax Chemicals was rated "above average" in the ESG index of Russian business from the research agencies National Credit Ratings and RosBusinessConsulting.

Rating agencies publish their own ESG index of companies for the second year in a row. Companies from the real sector of the economy, financial institutions and insurers participate in the study. 111 questionnaires were selected for the final list of 2022.

The study included a distribution of participants into three groups, depending on the number of points received: a high level of compliance with environmental, social and governance standards, an above-average level and an average level. This year, in the rating, non-financial sector companies and financial institutions were divided into two independent subgroups in order to consider the specifics of each activity more accurately.

JSC Metafrax Chemicals participated in the survey and, according to the study results, entered the category of non-financial companies that received 340-459 points, which corresponds to the "above average" level.

Metafrax Group companies have accumulated considerable experience in implementing ESG principles when solving issues in fields of occupational safety, health and environmental protection, social policy, and corporate governance. At the beginning of 2022, by the decision of the Board of Directors, a working group was established to implement ESG principles in activities of the group of companies, which is engaged in systematization and synchronization of processes based on the most successful cases and expert recommendations with the subsequent project scaling to the entire group of companies. For more details, see the Sustainability Report 2022.

A previous study from the NCR and RBC assessed the results of companies' activities in the direction of sustainable development for 2020-21.