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​The First Contact with the Production

​The First Contact with the Production

Eighth graders of school No. 12 in Orekhovo-Zuyevo visited the production site of Metadynea.

During the site tour, the students had a look at key places of the production chain, learned about the enterprise history and asked the company's employees interesting questions.

The event began after a mandatory safety induction for all visitors. Mikhail Stroganov, Specialist in Occupational Safety and Fire Safety of Metadynea, instructed the folks about safety rules at the current production and basic requirements. Nikolai Putilin, Deputy Director for Technical Support, conducted schoolchildren through the territory of the Karbolit industrial park, told about key milestones in the enterprise’s history and development stages of Metadynea. Dmitry Averyanov, Production Registration Engineer of Metadynea, continued the tour. He met the folks at the site, showed them shipment places of products, the operator's room, where operators control the process of resin synthesis. The students learned about where resins are used in the future, and what products are produced with their help. Tatyana Khokhlova, Chemistry Lab Technician, presented to the students information about main stages of product analysis, and also showed an example of quality analysis for synthetic resins.

“According to the folks, this is the first excursion of this kind for them. It was great to hear questions about how to get here to work and what kind of education is needed for this. We will be glad to see interested young people here as students in practice, and then among our colleagues," said Dmitry Averyanov after the event.