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From idea to victory

From idea to victory

On May 17, Metafrax Chemicals determined the winners of the scientific and technical works competition among young specialists of the enterprise.

The final of the series of defenses of the works was held in the assembly hall of the Metafrax management office. This year, six employees of the enterprise were awarded to present their work in the finals – Ivan Shilov, repairman of the equipment repair department in process workshops (ORTO-3) POROTS, Elizaveta Lastovka, laboratory assistant for chemical analysis, Sofia Rimmer, operator of the synthesis department of formalin with urotropin, Danil Marakulin, process engineer of the steam and gas workshop (PGC), specialist in the education and training sector Lyudmila Bobryshova and an engineer for the research of metals in the production of maintenance and repair of equipment in process workshops (POROTS) Alina Yukseeva.

After the first stage of the defense, the young specialists had little time to take into account the comments of the commission members and finalize their projects, which they presented in the final. The work was evaluated by an expert commission, which included: Managing Director for Production Albert Khudaibirdin – Chairman of the Commission, Deputy Managing Director for Production Viktor Maier, Technical Director Andrey Eremeev, Director of Organizational and Personnel Policy Konstantin Anufriev, Deputy Managing Director for Finance and Economics Natalya Borisova and Deputy General Director – Commercial Director Andrey Davydov.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman of the Commission addressed the young specialists. Albert Khudaibirdin welcomed the contestants, thanked everyone for their contribution to the development of the enterprise, advised them to defend their position and wished them a successful defense.

Particular attention was paid to the issues of rationality of proposals, the level of complexity of implementing initiatives in the production process, as well as the economic benefits of the solutions put forward for consideration. These criteria turned out to be significant when choosing the top three.

According to the results of the defense, Ivan Shilov became the winner, who presented a paper on the topic "Identification and elimination of the root causes of unstable operation of the CCA valve block in ammonia production". The second place was taken by Sofia Rimmer with the theme "Modernization of the centrifugation unit of the hexamine production plant in order to improve the quality and reduce losses of the finished product." Danil Marakulin became the third. His work was on the topic "Modernization of the water demineralization plant of the PGC VPU due to the joint use of weak and strong ionites."

The members of the Commission congratulated the finalists on their successful defense and wished everyone continuous professional development. The award ceremony will take place at a solemn meeting of the team in honor of Chemist's Day.