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"Sunsets on Krestovaya": keeping the tradition and advanced ideas of theaters

With the support of Metafrax Chemicals JSC and the government of the Perm Region, the XIII Theatrical Landscape Festival "Secrets of Krestovaya Mountain" will be held in Gubakha from June 28 to July 3, 2024.

The organizers, representatives of the organizing committee of the event, spoke about the features, program and locations for the performances at a press conference at the Perm Academic Theater-Theater. The festival will be attended by eight theaters from Gubakha, Berezniki, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Astrakhan and Yerevan.

"The festival "Secrets of Krestovaya Mountain" is a landmark event for Gubakha and for the entire Perm Region. And as always, the most important thing for us is to get a high rating from our audience. I want to thank Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Region, Alla Platonova, Minister of Culture of the Perm Region, Eduard Davydov, General Director of Roschem JSC and Metafrax Chemicals, Nikolai Lazeikin, head of the Gubakha District, and everyone who helps us with the festival," said Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Region, First Deputy Secretary of the regional office "Edinaya Rossia" Party Armen Garslyan.

Among the festival venues, in addition to Rudyansky Spoy, there are various locations of the abandoned mining ghost town of Verkhnyaya Gubakha and the all–season resort Gubakha.

"We are developing every year, both in terms of locations and conditions of the festival. This year, the infrastructure of the all-season resort Gubakha is more involved. Not only the festival is developing, but also the infrastructure of the town. For example, the renovated tourist center "Serebryanaya mechta" has opened in Gubakha, which also expands the town's capacity to receive guests. Such synergy works for the overall result: the development of our favorite festival, the development of the hospitality industry, improving the quality of life of citizens," said Maria Konovalova, Director of Strategic Communications at Metafrax Chemicals JSC, Chairman of the festival organizing committee.

The importance of the festival for the region was emphasized at a press conference by the Minister of Culture of the Perm Region Alla Platonova:

"For us, "The Secrets of Mount Krestovaya Festival" is part of the creative economy and the economy of impressions. The potential for its development in the Perm Region is very large. Thanks to the development of culture, the life of people in settlements acquires a completely different quality – it is full of impressions and inspiring emotions, allows you to feel included in the global cultural context. This is very important for people. In addition, such projects contribute to the development of tourism. Of course, this theater festival attracts the public. The festival is landscaped, which also adds to the unpredictability. Every time it's an experiment, it's new strong impressions and emotions from the audience and artists”.

Traditionally, the festival will open "the Sunset on Krestovaya" project, which will take place on June 29. The opening program of the festival includes the Perm Academic Theater-Theater with the play "Good Luck, Mark!" directed by Alexey Kriklivy (composer – Olga Shaidullina, libretto – Nikita Ryazansky, musical director of the play – Evgenia Prozorova).

"To keep the tradition, it needs to be modified, given other forms. In the play "Good Luck, Mark!" it is embedded. I think it will be very interesting, unexpected and will give new energy to the history of the development of the festival on Krestovaya Mountain," said Boris Milgram, artistic director of the Perm Academic Theater-Theater.

Tickets for the opening of the festival can be purchased on the website of the Dominanta Theater: link. An improvised stall will be built for the audience, but the performance can also be seen outside the seating area, the entrance to the Krestovaya Mountain plateau remains free. Also, residents of the region will be able to join the opening of one of the brightest festivals in the region online thanks to a live TV broadcast, which will take place on the VETTA 24 TV channel.

According to Lyubov Zaitseva, artistic director of the Dominanta Chamber Drama Theater, director of "The Secrets of Krestovaya Mountain" festival, a creative laboratory dedicated to the anniversary of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, under the working title "Pushkin in Theater Chairs", will be held as a part of the festival. The head of the project, Alexander Vislov, plans to assemble a team that will include director Dmitry Ogorodnikov, actors from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the quartet of the Russian National Orchestra (Moscow).

The program of the festival can be found on the website of the Dominanta Theater: link

The group of the festival "Secrets of the Krestovaya Mountain": link