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​In search of "geniuses of the place"

​In search of

The results of the All-Russian stage of the student media projects' competition "GeoPin-2023" have been summed up in Perm. The winners and prize-winners of the competition were students from Chelyabinsk, Pyatigorsk, Perm, Krasnodar and Vladivostok. The leaders of the creative competition will be awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts from Metafrax Group, the general partner of the competition.

Maria Konovalova, Director for Strategic Communications at Metafrax Group, congratulated the winners and prize-winners of the competition:

- The GeoPin competition allows us to position regions using the people's branding. At the same time, the topic of geobranding is cross-functional, it arouses genuine interest among specialists from a number of related industries. So, a month ago, our team presented this project at the interregional corporate media forum "Silver Threads – the Kama Region and the Urals" in Chelyabinsk. I would like to note that the competition was highly appreciated and received positive feedback from experts.

The GeoPin competition is held by the Department of Foreign Languages and Public Relations of the Perm National Research Polytechnic Universityfor the seventh time. The competition jury evaluated more than hundred videos, photos and design layouts of branded products in such categories as "Positioning and promotion of territories", "Genius of the place" and "Promotion of a local brand".

Information about the winners of the competition is available on the website of Perm Polytechnic University.