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​Metafrax is large–scale and stylish!

​Metafrax is large–scale and stylish!

Guests from the Perm and Moscow campuses of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) visited Metafrax Chemicals.

The visit took place as part of a student expedition to study issues related to the unification of municipal units. Students of the educational programs "State and Municipal Management", "Business Management" and "Journalism" were also interested in the development of the town’s infrastructure and the role of the town-forming enterprise in life of the Gubakha municipal district.

At the company's production site, the HSE delegation was accompanied by Aleksandr Vdovin, Executive Director of JSC Metafrax Chemicals. The excursion began with a visit to the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex. The students visited the Central Control Room (CCR), the laboratory, talked about the products. Then they went to the methanol production: they checked the CCR and the compression section, got an idea of the equipment’s operation. It’s noteworthy that the father of one of the students, Yuri Permyakov, a distillation operator, works in the methanol production and was on shift that day. Near the storage tank for liquid nitrogen, which ensures the safety of explosive and fire-hazardous industries, a real magic began. A small amount of liquid nitrogen was taken from the backup stock to show its properties in action. After immersion in liquid nitrogen, the flower instantly hardened, and then broke into small fragments like glass.

Sergei Kuzivanov, Head of the Personnel Education and Training Sector, conducted the excursion in the corporate museum. The students were prepared for it, took notes and asked questions of interest. They talked about the production and product sales, economics, business, ESG initiatives, personnel policy of the enterprise. The company’s guests left an entry in the guestbook: they thanked for the warm welcome. The students noted that they didn’t expect that the plant in Russia could be not only large-scale, but also very stylish. The guests also appreciated the comfort level of the employees' workplaces and how open they are to communication: they are ready to answer any question.

Bubakhan Babayev, a student of the State and Municipal Management of the HSE Moscow Campus: “From a distance, the company impresses with its size, but if to come closer, you see an incredibly huge number of technical details.”

Anna Galkina, a student of the "State and Municipal Management" of the Moscow campus: “I developed tremendous respect for the engineers who created such a well-organized organism. I was very impressed that the plant is modern and well–maintained.”

Attention of the guests was attracted by the new AUM complex, one of the excursion participants compared the CCR with the flight control center.

Yelena Zuyeva, Head of the Master's program "State and Municipal Management", HSE Perm:“I’d like to express my gratitude to Mr. Vdovin for such a wonderful excursion. He not only spoke clearly about the various plants, about the enterprise work, but also gave us a lot of valuable instructions. I was impressed by the plant’s scale and the complexity of the structures, what’s simply mind-boggling. I’m very pleased with such an indifferent attitude of the executive director to the work and to the plant’s guests. You can feel the soul in everything! Thanks!”

A group of students left with extremely positive impressions.

Julia Petrosyan, a student of the Business Management in the Perm Campus:

“Thank you so much for such an informative and unforgettable excursion in Metafrax! It was a great opportunity to see with your own eyes the production processes of the plant, enterprise’s workers and feel the whole atmosphere.”