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Leaders of ESG Transformation

Leaders of ESG Transformation

Metafrax Chemicals has become a nominee of the IV National Award in the field of environmental technologies "ECOTECH-LEADER 2024".

The project of the enterprise "Ammonia-Urea-Melamine production complex based on purge gas from methanol production" was awarded in two categories at once: "ESG transformation" and "Reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere". In total, more than two hundred applications were received for the competition.

The ECOTECH LEADER Award has been held since 2021 and is given for achievements in the development, implementation and promotion of effective technologies in the field of ecology and environmental management. The Expert Council of the competition includes representatives of the business community, development institutes and investment funds, scientific and environmental organizations, industry unions and associations.

We shall recall that as part of the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex, which was commissioned a year ago, a unit of CO2 extraction from flue gases was mounted. This made it possible to reduce the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and direct the released carbon monoxide to produce a marketable product – urea.

We thank the team that prepared the application for the All-Russian competition. Andrei Eremeev, Technical Director of Metafrax Chemicals, Alexei Dolganov, Director of the AUM Complex, Elena Chistiakova, Head of Environmental Department, Yuliya Ershova, Head of the ESG Transformation Department, Denis Stepanov, Head of the Technical Development Department, Vyacheslav Stryapunin, Deputy Chief Engineer of the AUM plant for Production, Egor Limonov, Deputy Head of the Ammonia Plant and Konstantin Brazhkin, a leading development engineer, took part in this work.