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The AUM complex is important for the whole country

The AUM complex is important for the whole country

As part of a business trip to the Gubakha municipal district, Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Territory, visited the production site of JSC Metafrax Chemicals. The company's management presented the operation results of the Ammonia-Urea-Melamine (AUM) complex, which was put into operation almost a year ago. Also, on the eve of the Chemist's Day, the company's employees were awarded letters of gratitude from the Governor of the Kama region.

The largest investment project in the recent history of Metafrax Group for the construction of the AUM complex was implemented in 2017-2023. The putting of new facilities into operation took place in June 2023.

Albert Khudaibirdin, Managing Director for Production of JSC Metafrax Chemicals, emphasized the importance of the new production for the Russian economy.

“This is a very ambitious project not only for the Perm Territory, but also for the Russian Federation. Now it has been brought to its logical conclusion. We’ve steadily begun to produce products that are needed not only by the region, but also by almost every resident of our vast country.”

Since the beginning of production, the AUM complex has already produced a significant amount of valuable products for the domestic industry: prilled urea – more than 627 thousand tons, ammonia – more than 368 thousand tons and melamine – more than 39 thousand tons.

Thanks to the new production, the range of products manufactured by Metafrax has been expanded, which is important for its sale in modern conditions of instability in the market. The company has provided itself with its own raw materials for the production of resins and other products of further processing. About 400 new modern workplaces have been created. The construction of the unique CO2 recovery unit in Russia and Europe and a new wastewater treatment plant made it possible to achieve a significant environmental effect. CO2 emissions into the atmosphere have been halved. During the project, the infrastructure and social sphere of Gubakha were significantly updated, which generally improved the quality of life in the town.

Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Territory, congratulated Gubakha chemists on their success the upcoming professional holiday, emphasizing the importance of their work for the industrial complex of the region.

“Metafrax is a long–standing and reliable partner of the Perm Territory. The key joint task of regional and local authorities is to help developing the municipality, in particular, socially significant infrastructure. This will allow local residents not only to work in comfortable conditions with a decent salary, but also to spend their leisure time with comfort and diversity, as well as have all the opportunities for development in their native shore. I sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming Chemist's Day. I’d like to wish you further industrial success, health and welfare.”

The head of the Kama region presented letters of gratitude from the Governor of the Perm Territory for contribution to the development of the regional chemical industry and many years of dedicated work to the employees of JSC Metafrax Chemicals. Awards were received by:

Sergei Grishkin, shift supervisor of methanol production;

Dmitry Zlobin, 6th grade synthesis operator of concentrated formalin section of the formalin plant;

Dmitry Krasovsky, Chief Instrumentation Specialist of the Chief Instrumentation Engineer Department of the AUM complex;

Andrei Chernykh, 5th grade fitter of section for the rolling stock repair and preparation of railway cars for loading related to the operation and repair division of railway cars for the railway transport preparation and repair workshop.