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Good meeting

Good meeting

Metafrax Chemicals volunteers visited the Rudnichny's residential care home again.

The reason for visiting this time was the main Christian holiday – Easter. Together with the guys from Rudnichny, the employees of Metafrax painted Easter eggs, decorated gingerbread and had fun.

– The children were waiting for us and were very happy about this meeting, just like us. The time we spent together flew by, but it was spend productively: we managed to paint the eggs, decorate them, and treat ourselves to gingerbread. The day off was wonderful! – the instrumentation technician Nur Mukhandes shared her impressions. – Of course, such children need a special approach. It is necessary to show care, tenderness and attention so that they feel needed, so we decided to visit the residential care home more often in order to give these children as much joy as possible.

For more than five years, starting in 2019, the company has been actively involved in improving the rehabilitation system for children entering health care homes for children with disabilities, so that each of them can grow up as independent as possible. Adults and children became friends thanks to the project "Return the Future" of the Dedmorozim Foundation. Metafrax volunteers help children from the Rudnichny's residential care home to acquire new social skills, and the company regularly covers part of the costs of conducting field consultations, purchasing rehabilitation equipment, creating a comfortable developing environment and training employees in important aspects of palliative care. Festive events for children are also held, including trips for graduates of the residential care home to the Uralsky Buket corporate recreation center.