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The "Klyuchi" Resort has become a priority partner of Metafrax Chemicals PJSC in the field of the health care of employees.


Metafrax Chemicals PJSC and "The "Klyuchi" Resort CJSC (Perm Region, Suksunsky District) signed a cooperation agreement on June 27, 2022. The purpose of the joint work is to promote a healthy lifestyle and active recreation of employees, as well as the treatment and prevention of diseases of staff in a modern medical and wellness complex, where natural conditions and the possibilities of modern medicine are optimally combined.

The employees of the Company have been undergoing rehabilitation in the "Klyuchi" resort since the beginning of 2000s. The agreement will increase the possibility for them of to visit the resort. Previously, the employees of the Company could travel to "Klyuchi" resort on vouchers every two years, and now they will be able to do it annually.

— We transfer the rest and health care of our employees to the professional hands of medical specialists in the "Klyuchi resort," explained Mr. Vladimir Daut, CEO of the Metafrax Chemicals PJSC.This option is convenient for employees due to a powerful medical base and comfortable conditions for the people. I would like to note that the size of the Company's social package has not decreased in 2022 — it is more than 220 million rubles, and the amount of funds for the rehabilitation of employees is left fully inchanged. At the same time, the number of wellness vouchers, on the contrary, has increased, thanks to cooperation with the "Klyuchi" resort. And it means that our employees will go on health-giving rest more often, and will receive high-quality treatment.

As part of the agreement with the "Klyuchi" resort, employees of Metafrax Chemicals will be able to undergo both long-term wellness programs and weekend programs, as well as medical examinations at the sanatorium. The Company will pay special attention to the recovery of employees after the COVID-19 disease.

— The cooperation of the "Klyuchi" resort with Metafrax began even in the 2000s, and I am glad that today we are taking it to a new level. The possibilities of our resort are both treatment and prevention of diseases, as well as maintaining of physical fitness thanks to active recreation and sports. And of course, the picturesque territory of the resort itself is conducive to recovery, gaining strength for a full life and fruitful work, said Mr. Alexander Ivanov, General Director of the "Kluychi" Resort, CJSC.


The "Klyuchi" resort is unique in regard to the health-improving natural resources: for treatment there they use drinking mineral therapeutic table water "Klyuchi", sulfide-silt mud of the Suksun pond and natural sources of mineral hydrogen sulfide water. The technological medical base in the "Kluychi" resort is one of the most modern in the whole Urals Region: the resort has its own balneary, more than 100 types of medical and wellness procedures are offered to testing people. The "Klyuchi" Resort is located far from major cities and industrial enterprises.