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​Driving – both on weekdays and on holidays

​Driving – both on weekdays and on holidays

In October, the professional holiday is celebrated by the transport workers of the MetaTransStroy Сompany: drivers, engineers, mechanics, car mechanics, dispatchers, managers – everyone who ensures the reliable movement of the enterprise along the path of development.

For almost two decades, MetaTransStroy has accumulated extensive professional experience. Trucks, specialized, road construction and passenger vehicles leave the company's fleetevery day.

- The main direction of the Сompany's workduring all these years remains the transportation of any cargo both in the Perm Region and throughout Russia, - said Arkady Larin, Deputy General Director of MetaTransStroy for Transport. - We work closely with the Gubakha and Moscow-based Metadynea sites for the transportation of industrial resins, we deliver methanol and formalin from Metafrax to consumers. Today, the volume of bulk cargo transported by us is 12 thousand tons per month. Our main task is to deliver the cargo efficiently and on time, regardless of the degree of complexity of its transportation. And our drivers cope with this task professionally.

Gubakha'stractors carry resin to various regions of Russia – to Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk. In addition to bulk cargo, the Company delivers bulk materials to construction sites. Construction and specialized equipment is involved in repair works at the Metafrax site all year round. Today, the Company provides in full scope the construction needs of all townsof the Kizel coal -basin with its own concrete.

Every day, 16 passenger buses of the Company go on the route, delivering Metafrax employees to and from work. The tourist bus is also not idle, adults go on excursions by it, children go to health camps.

- There are more than 70 units of various equipment in the Company's fleet. We are systematically following the path of updating it to a modern and more efficient one," said Arkady Larin. – For example, this year we bought a new mixer and the GROOVE bus.

The Company's employees carry out maintenance and repairworks of the fleet on their own. To do this, the Company has a repair shop and qualified specialists.Over these years the Company hasa developed professional driving team.

- The requirements for our drivers are very high. We cannot entrust the transportation of passengers and dangerous goods to newcomers. It is necessary to have the appropriate category and professional skills, - said the head of the company's convoy Sergey Dyachkov. - We regularly train not only newly hired employees, but also drivers with experience.

Traditionally, on the occasion of the holiday, the best employees of the Company were bestowed upon commendations and certificates of honor. This year, the winners of professional awards were drivers Dmitry Udavikhin, Sergey Shutov, Vladimir Vedernikov, Alexey Kulikov, Valery Trubinov, Alexander Zabaev, Nikolai Rodin, Anton Kadochnikov, Vyacheslav Petrov, Artem Drobinin, Yuri Isaev, Vasily Slesarev. Experience, skill, responsibility are thedistinctive marks of thebus drivers Nikolai Baryshev, Akhtam Galiullin, Alexey Chervotkin, excavator driver Nikolai Obogrelov, car mechanics Sergey Noskov, Vyacheslav Andreev, Maxim Yakovlev, head of the company's convoy Sergei Dyachkov and head of repair shops Alexander Zimmermann.

We wish our colleagues safe and easy roads, reliable equipment, mutual understanding and mutual respect on the road, good health, well-being, professional success and trouble-free work!